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  online catalogues  

Phocus Software enables the user to create and manage a complete product Catalogue.

Facilities include:
Create Unlimited Galleries
Upload Thumbnails & Images
Edit existing entries

Phocus is ideal for many industrial and business uses:

  • Photographic/Picture Galleries
  • Product Catalogues
  • Estate Agencies

  hotel booking systems  

Rover Software links a Hotel's inhouse booking system with the Hotel Website, ensuring seamless integration and avoiding double booking.

This software has a user friendly interface where room details, sizes, bed numbers etc. can be set up to suit the hotel.

Facilities include:

  • Previous Bookings
  • Future Bookings
  • Room Sizes
  • Currency Rates
  • Complete Online Security
  online surveys  

The SURVISE package facilitates the creation and delivery of electronic surveys.

Suitable for most research purposes, it employs the benefits of email's usability in returning fast results to your database.


  recruitment software  

Our Recruit i.t. Software provides a complete on-line recruitment agency package, which includes:

  • Searchable, multi-tier database
  • Easy Upload Database interface
  • Password protected User Area
  • CV forwarding facility
  updateable timetables  

A simple interface makes updating and inputting through the ROTA system very user-friendly. Try it out on the sample supplied.

Ideal for use by training companies and public service websites, this software can be adapted for a multitude of users, including:

  • Training Companies
  • Sports clubs
  • Events managers
  • Public Services

  shopping carts  

Our online shopping cart system accepts unlimited categories and a multi-tiered array of goods.

A straightforward interface enables the shop manager to upload and update items and prices instantaneously.

The software incorporates a complete Membership system, and can be linked to a newsletter process.

This software also includes:

  • Currency Converter
  • Password protected Shoppers area
  • Special Offers Area
  • Secure Ordering Facility